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Employee Assistance Program
NOTE: The EAP program is not for the reporting of employee technical services, employment application issues, personnel services, certification issues, or any other issue other than confidential personal problems. Please contact the appropriate department if you have any other concern or issues, outside of personal problems. 

The Employee Assistance Program is for you, the individual employee, and for your immediate family members. The EAP is designed to provide confidential help to individuals whose personal problems are affecting their ability to function at home, in their social life or on the job. All of us at one time or another have personal medical problems which affect us in many areas of our lives. Most of the time we find our own solutions to these problems. Sometimes, however, outside help and professional guidance are needed. Your Employee Assistance Program is a good place to start.

The problems may include alcoholism, drug abuse, emotional or other concerns, such as health, family, stress, marital, financial, legal, or vocational difficulties. Miami-Dade County Public Schools recognizes behavioral disorders and mental health problems as illnesses that can be successfully treated. The program goal is to help those individuals by providing consultation and referral to treatment and rehabilitation, in order to prevent their condition from progressing to a degree at which they cannot work effectively.

Scope of Program