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Office of Professional Development
Together with our valued partners we are making a difference for our teachers and students

M-DCPS Partnerships
  • University of Miami

    M-DCPS and the Office of Professional Development and Evaluation (OPDE) has a strong alliance with University of Miami’s School of Education. Through the past years, the depth of this partnership is evident in the Professional Development Schools (PDS) jointly supported by M-DCPs and UM, the numerous professional and educational growth grants bought to the district by UM to improve teachers’ practices through higher degree offerings, and the number of pre-service teachers place at M-DCPS by UM’s School of Education. Many of OPODE’s staff members serve on UM’s Advisory Committee in order to collaborate in addressing the needs and areas of interest in education.

  • National Institute For School Leadership

    Link: National Institute For School Leadership

  • Learning Forward

    The partnership between Learning Forward and the Office Professional Development and

    Evaluation (OPDE) evolved from its educational specialists and leaders’ desire to pursue

    performing at the highest levels and framing it based on Learning Forward standards

    surrounding Leadership, Learning Communities, Equity, Data, Learning Designs,

    Implementation, Resources, and Outcomes. OPDE’s staff members have participated in their

    flagship learning experiences in pursuing a problem of practice action research of educational

    topics. OPDE can herald graduates from Learning Forward Academies in 2017 and 2018.

    Pending graduates wi8ll graduate in 2019 and 2020. Ensued problems of practice include

    research on recruitment, retention, leadership skills, and teacher growth. In collaboration with

    Mr. Jose L. Dotres, Chief Human Capital Office, OPDE’s Learning Forward leaders have

    presented in the annual Learning Forward Conference on M-DCPS’ Teacher LEADership,

    Professional Learning Teams, and Teacher Induction and Mentoring programs.

  • Florida International University

    A collaborative and supportive partnership between MDCPS’ Office of Professional Development and Evaluation (OPDE) Florida International University’s (FIU) School of Education has been in place for many years. From its initial inception, a strong bond developed between the two entities in the of pre-service interns, new teachers, leadership development.  FIU is one of M-DCPS largest resource in the placement of pre-service teachers in the areas of Elementary Education, Secondary Content Areas, and Exceptional Education. FIU and M-DCPS long standing partnerships has produced successful academic initiatives, grants, research-based projects, professional development schools and teacher academies. The collaborative nature of the partnership produces a joint effort in advocating for teachers and the profession.

  • Miami Dade College

    The partnership between Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Miami Dade College is based on collaborative endeavors in the areas of non-instructional and instructional preparation programs, research pursuits, grant-support and initiatives, teacher pipelines development, and pre-service teacher’s placement programs. MDC is one of M-DCPS major resource in the placement of teachers in the areas of Early Childhood and Exceptional Education (ESE). The partnership between bet MDC and M-DCPS remains solid and strong in elevating the teaching profession through their participation and collaboration with Teaching Academies at schools districtwide.

  • Dr. Brian Dassler Leadership Academy

    Link: Dr. Brian Dassler Leadership Academy 

  • National School Reform Faculty

    Link: NSRF

  • The Cahn Fellows Program

    The Cahn Fellows Program offers high performing public-school principals from large urban school districts the opportunity to participate in a rich learning experience emphasizing intellectual exchange, reflective practice, and measurable results.  The program is designed to increase leadership skills, retention in education and student outcomes.  Principals and the aspiring leaders chosen as Allies in the Cahn Fellows Program, engage in both informational and transformational learning. Fellows and Allies begin their educational journey at our two-week Summer Leadership Institute followed by four study sessions throughout the year.  Additionally, allies will partake in a Fall Retreat where they dive deeper into their learning.  In their final project presentations, they share the outcomes of their learning with the larger educational community at our Annual Leadership Conference.

  • University of Florida

    University of Florida (UF) and M-DCPS’ Office of Professional Development has longstanding tenure in the partnering in grants and initiatives that foster the development highly effective teachers, mentors, clinical educators, teacher leaders, and graduate-level students. MDCPS’ and UF’s Lastinger Center collaborated to ensure that coaching and feedback techniques were fully developed under an I3 grant, along with the implementation of the development of Teacher LEADership skills during the year and in the Summer Academies. Both M-DCPS and UF staff join efforts to teach the context as instructors and professors.