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Professional Learning Records

Our center supports all Miami-Dade County Public Schools professional learning programs and initiatives and is accountable for the accuracy of Master Plan Points as delineated in the Professional Learning Catalog. Additionally, we proudly support 40,000 district-wide employees by verifying attendance, participation authenticity, auditing and course completion requirements of Master Plan Points required for certificate renewal.  

Our center complies with all district and state requirements with the archival, procurement, maintenance, tracking and retrieval of professional development records.


We support all users as they navigate through our online Professional Learning Platform (PL Platform) to find relevant courses, so educators can chart their professional growth.  

Our PL Platform tracks all professional development activities offered throughout the district, as well as participant attendance. Additionally, the data gathered by the PL Platform is utilized by the management team to consistently analyze the effectiveness and impact of any professional learning activity offered.  

Our center also manages and monitors all feeds, data exchanges, and transmissions between the district’s permanent staff development records and our PL Platform. 

The district's PL platform interfaces with other district data management systems to maintain the professional learning history of participants. To view your professional learning history click here.

The following staff members support our district’s PL Platform as well as the daily maintenance of our centralized storage of all attendance documents.

Ms. Caty Prendes, Supervisor II


     Ms. Xenia Alvarenga

Ms. Estela Garcia

Ms. Nancy Nadal 


Mr. Miguel Garate

Network Infrastructure Support Technician