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Welcome to Featured Instructional Vacancies 

Updated 01/24/2020

All instructional candidates must be eligible for a State of Florida teaching certificate and have a completed profile in PowerSchool. If you are interested in being interviewed for any of these positions, please email your resume to the principal directly (unless otherwise instructed). When you submit your resume, please write the SCHOOL NAME and the SUBJECT AREA in the subject section of your email.


Highly Qualified Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and Reading Teachers Wanted: The Office of Instructional Recruitment and Staffing is maintaining databases of highly qualified ESE and Reading teachers. These databases will be used to keep eligible applicants up to date on current and anticipated vacancies districtwide. If you are highly qualified ESE or Reading teacher seeking employment, we want to hear from you.

  • Recruits/teachers holding eligibility in ESE K-12 only (without a core area) are not eligible to be part of this database. Click here for ESE Database information.
  • Recruits/teachers holding eligibility in Reading (K-12) are encouraged to click here for more information and application instructions
School Operations: The Division of Adult and Workforce Education is seeking part-time District teachers who would be interested in working with adult students in the evenings at one of our adult education school sites. The positions are District-wide and interested individuals should send their resumes to Ms. Carlena Mitchell, Staff Specialist, Division of Adult and Workforce Education at 169982@dadeschools.net.

Restorative Justice Practices (RJP) Coaches are needed for several schools within the District. These positions are part-time and require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. RJP Coaches will work to motivate others through professional development, must be willing to travel, and participate in Restorative Practices Training. For additional job responsibilities and requirements, click here​​​​​​​. If interested and eligible, please email Ms. Erika Urbanik at urbanike@dadeschools.net and include RJP Coach in the subject line.

Contact Us

For more information about these and other immediate vacancies, please contact:

Office of Instructional Recruitment
1450 NE 2nd Ave, RM 150
Miami, FL 33132

Ms. Ana Flores
Executive Director 

Ms. Sandra Castellon

Ms. Coral Martincavage

Ms. Jacqueline Ortiz-Villafane